The Rocoto

The rocoto is one amazing pepper. It has thick walls, like a bell pepper, but very hot. It has been cultivated in Bolivia and Peru for thousands of years.

Rocoto (aka Locoto in Bolivia) is Capsicum pubescens (hairy pepper). Locoto is among the oldest of domesticated peppers, up to as much as 5000 years . . . → Read More: The Rocoto


New site…

Ahhh… the fresh smell of an updated site based on WordPress. I still love Joomla but thought I would give the site a new start. Still migrating content and functionality from the old site but hopefully most everything will be here.

Exception is probably going to be the forum. Will try and convert posts but . . . → Read More: New site…


Huacatay Sauce

This is new sauce I recently learned to make. It is not authentic and substitutes ingredients more commonly found in the US. Use for dipping bread or serve over your favorite Peruvian or Bolivian dish. I slather it on almost anything.

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Clay Pot Chicken & Rice

My fascination with Asian cuisine continues. This is a simple recipe that I came up with. Not Chinese, not Malaysian… you can add anything you like to it.

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Pho Ga

Pho (pronounced fa?) is a Vietnamese dish consisting of rice noodles & usually beef broth & thin sliced meats. Here in the SF Bay area, there are many quality Pho restaurants to choose from and prices are very reasonable. Still, I like making my own. This is my take on Pho Ga, Chicken Pho. I . . . → Read More: Pho Ga


Aji Amarillo/Poblano Chili

My own take on “Chili” with a South American twist.

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Curry Chicken

OK, this is not a South American recepie but it’s quick and easy to make and if accompanied by the right pepers, it’s HOT.Curried Chicken and Potato Stew.

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Picante de Pollo

Picante de pollo is a nice dish that is easy to prepare as it just sits there and cooks for about 1.5 hours. I am going to try it in a crock pot one of these days.

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Rocoto Relleno

One of the most well known rocoto recipes is the rocoto relleno. This recipe hails from Arequipa Peru. I am Bolivian, not Peruvian so this recipe comes from a combination of recipes found on the internet. I tweaked the ingredients and quantities to make it easy.

Serving Size : 6 Preparation Time :1:00

Amount . . . → Read More: Rocoto Relleno


Papas a la Huancaina

Papas a la Huancaina is a dish from the Peruvian town of Huancayo. My grandmother modified the recipe somewhat and this is her version. Traditionalists will say no peanut butter, but this what I have always known.

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What is a Salteña? It’s simply the most delicious Bolivian delicacy known to man. Actually, the Salteña hails from La Paz Bolivia – but you don’t need to travel all the way there to enjoy this feast. The below recipe has been finely tuned with assistance from my Abuelita. It’s a sure fire winner. Enjoy!

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Basic Bolivian Salsa

A tomato salsa in Bolivia is called “llajwa”. Mostly you will find it served with meat or chicken dishes or over rice. The following recipe is a basic Bolivian llajwa (pronounced ya-hwa) suitable as a spicy accompaniment to many dishes.

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