Capsicum pubescens

The Rocoto (or Locoto as it is known in Bolivia) is my absolute favorite pepper. It has the perfect flavor and heat combined with a juicy meaty texture. It tends to have a nice lingering heat that takes a few seconds to register.

Although usually enjoyed fresh, there are many options for preserving this tasty pepper.

Rocotos can be a slow to germinate. Be sure to keep the soil temperature above 75F. When mature, stake or erect a trellis to support the peppers. Harvest when bright red. Since Rocotos are preferably enjoyed fresh, leave peppers on the plant until needed. Rocotos plants can live many years so plan accordingly.

Currently I am growing 3 varieties of this wonderful pepper. Two red (rojo) and one yellow (amarillo).

Additional good information on Capsicum pubescens at: UK Chile Head.