Rocopica (Rocoto & Ulupica cross)

Rocoto (c.pubescens) crosses with Ulupica (c. cardenasii)? Eight very small (1.5-2mm) yellow seeds were extracted from a 4.5mm pod. In March, I planted 6 of the seeds and 2 germinated. The two plants grew beautifully through 2000 and produced a bounty of pods.

The pods are round like ulupica pods but are quite a bit larger (1cm). Flowers are less fluted (more like a rocoto). The taste of the peppers is pure ulupica but with the nice surprise of being quite a bit meatier (like rocoto). Crushed pods produce a juicy paste that can be easily added to anything. I especially like this pepper in soups.

Mature seeds from these pods are viable. Seeds are brown/black and only slightly smaller than rocoto seeds (50%+ larger than the seeds they came from). All pictures on this page are of the original plants or clones. Offspring pants are smaller.

I have tried drying the peppers with great success. The above images are of the dried pods. Notice how dark the seeds are, almost indistinguishable from a rocoto. The pods are no more than 1/2 inch (1.25 cm) in size. Each pepper had no more than 8 seeds, 6 average.