1998 garden

Garden Report 1998.

Not a great pepper year but I did manage to grow some hot new stuff. In addition to the Rocoto below, I grew a yellow Rocoto that is doing well in 99.  Also Aji Amarillo, a Bishops Crown Rocotillo, & of course the giant Rocoto in the wine barrel from 97.  I transplanted this Rocoto to a spot behind my apple tree against the fence facing west to make way for Rocoto below


biglocoto98_1.jpg (51057 bytes)This is my 1998 Rocoto plant. Seeds provided by Mr.  Velarde of Peru.  I had to support this sturdy plant with 5 stakes to hold up the weight of the peppers. The plant stayed in the garage at least 45 days during one of the coldest winters I can remember.

biglocoto98_2.jpg (59635 bytes)
She grew to 1.5 the first year and produced about 9 large fruit. Great tasting peppers. This pepper really heats with maturity. The plant continues to grow in 99 after a much needed transplant.

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