1999 garden

Overall, not a bad year. I did have some problems getting peppers out of some of the Aji Amarillo & Colorado. The plants just seemed to be ready too late in the season. Funny but other plants started at the same time did just fine. The Pajarito produced peppers but too late & they did not ripen.

Below are pictures of the harvest and of the plants (mostly Rocotos)

This pile of Rocotos contains peppers from both my Peruvian & Bolivian plants. Notice the small Rocotos at the front/left of the pile.

Some of my fresh Aji Amarillo.

Aji Colorado.

An assortment.

These are some Rocoto Amarillos that I have been over wintering since 97.  Its still going strong although a bit small.
(2 tall x 3 wide, 10-15 peppers)

The images below are of a Rocoto I started in 98.  Last year it had about 5 very large peppers. This year I harvested 8 pounds of peppers from this plant alone.

This is the plant in November. Most of the peppers are ripe

The above and below images were taken in September.  These were the first peppers to ripen.

This image of the first pepper was taken in July.

© 2006 Joe Carrasco