2001 garden

2001 marks the first full year growing at our new house. The weather is not much different from Belmont (we only moved 3 miles). The garden is different though, we traded up for a larger house and a smaller back yard. On the plus side, the space we do have is better utilized. I built 2 raised beds for peppers and vegetables that is doing great this year. However, I have most of my plants in pots since it facilitates overwintering. Some of these I may plant in the ground next year.   Anyway, here are some pictures.

Planting Rocotos

Germinating the seeds. Temp = 84.9F

My new raised garden beds in May. The brick path is also new.


This is one of my over-wintered Aji Amarillos that I salvaged from my old house. This plant really took off this year.

Quirquiña just a few weeks old

Another overwintered Aji Amarillo  that I cut way back last year.  This one also took off.

This is my 3 year old Peruvian Rocoto in May cut way back for winter. I usually chop it low in March.

Same plant as left in July after 2 months of growth.


The raised beds in July after 2 months


Two 2nd year Rocotos.  These I will will cut back this winter and repot next year either in the ground or in barrels.

Close-up of a Rocoto flower

Close-up of Rocoto leaves

Rocopica flower during the day.  Notice the flowers are more open.

Rocopica flowers in the afternoon when they close up a bit.

Ripe Peruvian rocotos above and right (2.25-2.75 inches)


Ripe rocopicas (5/8 inch)

Beautiful picture of Rocoto amarillo just turning yellow.  These peppers turn from green to yellow in 48 hours.

Aji Amarillo at the end of the season


African bird pepper. Pods are 3/16 x 3/8 inches and turn from black to red.

The African Bird pepper is very hot for it’s compact size.

© 2006 Joe Carrasco