Capsicum cardenasii (ulupica)

Capsicum cardenasii (Ulupica)

The Ulupica grows wild in Bolivia and Peru and is thought to be the origin progenitor of all  Capsicums. The Ulupica is closely related to the Rocoto but grows to only 1/2 in size.  Like the Rocoto, the Ulupica has purple flowers but only a slightly pubescent.

In 2001 I received seeds for c. cardenasii.  Although a bit late to grow this season, I plan to grow some plants next year.

These are the cardenasii peppers I received.  In the picture above, the right two peppers are the cardenasii.  The left pepper is a rocopica for size comparison.



Each pepper has between 3 and 5 seeds with 4 the average. Peppers are thin walled and almost no flesh.


© 2006 Joe Carrasco