Chile Pepper Photography

Being a lover of chiles, naturally I grow my own.  Take a look at my past and present chile  gardens.

I have been growing peppers since 1989. First in the patio of my apartment (small plants) and now in the back yard of my house.  I am especially interested in Bolivian and Peruvian peppers - but I grow other varieties as well.

In case you are interested, I garden in San Mateo County, Northern CA.

1997 Garden
1998 Garden
1999 Garden
2000 Garden
2001 Garden
BAREC 2001 open house In San Jose CA
2002, 2003 & 2004 Hot Luck at Scott and Roswitha's

and the new phtoto gallery

On July 24 2003, Joe was a guest of Jim Maley on KKUP radio. Joe was on the “Old Time Farmer Garden Show”, listen to him talk about South American peppers:
Part 1 8.8M mp3, part 2 9.1M mp3

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